Sonoma County Golf Resource

The city of Sonoma is a historic town that serves as a social, economic, and cultural hub for the residents of the surrounding Sonoma Valley. Sonoma is known as the birthplace of American California after the revolt against Mexican rule in 1846. It was also the capital of the independent and short-lived California Republic, before California was adopted as a state. Sonoma’s rich history, beautiful landscapes, and thriving culture make it one of the most fascinating towns in the area. It would be a mistake to leave after a day at the exclusive Sonoma Golf Club—there is far too much to explore here.

Lending its name to the county it resides in, Sonoma is one of the most famous and most loved towns of the Wine Country. It offers everything you could ever hope to experience from a trip to the Wine Country, from local artisan foods to internationally acclaimed wines to gorgeous countryside views. Sonoma has so much to offer in the way of outdoor activities, from exploration of historical landmarks to wine tasting at world-class wineries to hiking at universally acclaimed parks. After a day on the golf course, find one of the dozens of fantastic fine dining restaurants, sit back, and let the Wine Country experience take you away.

If you’re interested in playing at the Sonoma Golf Club, membership is required. Aside from the various benefits that membership offers (including fun and relaxing activities for the entire family), the benefits of playing in one of the most amazing area of the Wine Country are undeniable. Golfer or non-golfer, you’ll be at the center of the Wine Country experience, taking in the sights, breathing the fresh air, and wondering exactly why it is you didn’t visit sooner.

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